Best GoPro Gimbal Reviews 2020 (Top 9 Picks)





EVO GP-PRO 3 AxisGoPro Gimbal

15 Hrs

1.3 pounds

Feiyutech G6
12 Hrs

2.18 pounds

FeiyuTech WG 2 X 3-Axis Gimbal

12 Hrs

15.8 ounces

FeiyuTech G5

4.10 Hrs

2.99 pounds

3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

24. Hrs

1.48 pounds

DJI Ronin-S

12. Hrs

1.41 pounds

Hohem GoPro Gimbal

8. Hrs

272 g

GoPro Karma Grip for GoPro

2. Hrs
116 g

Removu S1 Rainproof

15. Hrs
1.82 pounds

Your GoPro is a good action camera but it’s very difficult to capture smooth shots during the hand movements, right? You need the best GoPro gimbal for stabilization—Perfect shots during movements are possible with a good gimbal attached to your GoPro camera. We tested 22 Gimbals for GoPro camera & Here are our Top 9 Picks…

1. EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal

EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal Evo GP-PRO is completely decent and elegant with a smooth texture—The screwing, re-screwing, shooting modes shifting is easy with this gimbal. The gimbal has an embedded joystick for controlling various functions—You can easily switch between different shooting modes by pressing the joystick inward. You can adjust the camera’s title, pan, and roll angles with its four-way joystick. You can change the camera’s direction when you want to capture shots from different angles. Along with shooting modes, it offers easy panning—Changing the pans is sometimes quite miserable for some gimbals but it offers smooth panning as well. By default, the gimbal stays on heading lock mode—moving the camera on the gimbal’s yaw. You can also take your shooting to advance level with the help of other modes including heading follow, invert mode, and heading and pitch follow modes.  You can also capture shots from different angles using the heading flow, invert mode, and pitch follow mode—for taking your captures to a high level. EVO GP-PRO gimbal has less noise and the refresh rate is high that never misses any single moment in Sports mode. Motors are extremely quiet; your video will no longer catch the noise of the motor in audio. The stabilization of this gimbal is matchless—it uses proprietary stabilization algorithms for a refresh rate of 4 kHz—results in superfast reaction speed and smooth footage.  It can take smooth shots during jogs, running, going downstairs, or doing anything else hurriedly. You can capture all the moments that are valuable for you. Overall, EVO-GO Pro is the best GoPro gimbal available as per our detailed analysis. Specifications · Facility of using additional battery · Built-in joystick for controlling primary functions · Easy and smooth panning · Switching the shooting modes · Higher refresh rates · Perfect stabilization

2.  Feiyutech G6

Feiyutech G6 Feiyutech gimbal possesses decent and sophisticated designs with a strong grip. It offers advanced shooting features—When these features combine with a GoPro camera, it produces astonishing results. The elevation angle keeps the image clear and focuses on the object (you want to catch in a frame). However, it is a bit longer than ordinary gimbals but not much bulky (12.8 ounces). Another cool addition is SCREW MOUNT on the side, for the mobile phone. You can also attach your mobile phone with a GoPro to capture the wider frame at once. It will drain more battery but still is a better option. The best part of this gimbal is its innovative OLED display—it keeps you updated about the battery status, Bluetooth connection, modes of shooting, and other specifications. Feiyutech G6 gimbal comes with a runtime of 12 hours on a single charge. It’s best for those who require long battery life gimbals with fast charging facilities—You can also use an external battery with it to extend the battery time of this gimbal—No Doubt, A good edition… You can control this gimbal by a joystick and with a function button, shutter button, settings, trigger, and adjustments—Each button has been assigned a unique task. Function and trigger buttons in gimbal provide you with different functionalities by pressing, holding, single tap, double taps, triple taps, and so on. Balancing and stabilization are outstanding in this gimbal. You can easily balance it with a knob and sliding arm—shoot the videos and capture the images from different angles to have a diversified image in a single frame. The 320 degrees of tilting, panning, and rolling angles lets you have diversified images. The jerks and shakes cannot ruin your shots because the gimbal provides you the perfect stabilization. For further controlling, install the Feiyu app. With this app, you can control the gimbal’s movement, calibrating, resetting, updating, etc. It is compatible and available on Google Play and iTunes. Also, you can take shots near ponds, lakes, beaches, or in rain. Worried about the gimbal? Aye? It is splash-proof and can be used near moist places with ease and comfort. It also features the mode switching feature. Its time-lapse mode allows you to catch the perfect footage and take shooting to the next level. Feiyutech G6 is the second-best GoPro gimbal on our list because of its features and price. Specifications · Elevation angle · 12.8 ounces of weight · 12 hours battery time · Screw mount · OLED display · Embedded joystick · 320 degrees tilting, panning, and rolling angles · Feiyu app · Splashproof · Time-lapse mode

3.  FeiyuTech WG 2 X 3-Axis Gimbal

FeiyuTech WG 2 X 3-Axis Gimbal Beautifully packed in a Styrofoam-like box with a mini tripod and session adapter, FeiyuTech WG 2 X 3-Axis Gimbal is a top choice for many reasons.  It is built from a solid aluminum alloy with a rubberized handgrip. You can adjust your GoPro camera easily with its adjustable arm.  The gimbal weighs just 8.5 ounces—You can take it with you wherever your passion leads you. It is convenient, portable, and easy to carry gimbals—can fit in small places; backpacks, kits, etc. You can turn this gimbal in a handheld gimbal—Easily screw the tripod with tripod arms and get ready to take flawless shots. It lets you take shots in various shooting modes—panning, tilting, lock mode, and most importantly, self-timer mode that lets you take selfies with ease, without extra touch—External accessories help you take better shots and take wide-angle selfies conveniently. The modes shifting and shutter buttons add more to gimbal’s convenience. It has various functions as well—The auto-rotation function is best for creating the time-lapse videos, end position, start position, and time can be adjusted via its app.  It’s a waterproof gimbal. Its app is quite easy to use and compatible too—The App lets you switch the modes, adjust the timing, adjust the shooting angles, update the firmware, and do much more! All you can do is with just one click.  The process of screwing the camera is quite easier and convenient than other gimbals. Its screw openings have a wider diameter, it makes movement in the base area easy. Specifications · Weight is 8.5 pounds · Accessories: mini tripod and session adapter · Strong grip · Shooting modes · Time-lapse videos · Compatible app · Easy camera screwing · Waterproof

4.  FeiyuTech G5

FeiyuTech G5 FeiyuTech G5 comes with a premium look, sophisticated design, and has a solid metal body.  No matter, you are shooting in hot or cold weather, it will not slip in your hands. You can hold it strongly because of its rubberized coating—it is easy to carry around as it weighs just 1 pound. You can quickly control various functions of this gimbal by a joystick—You can use the function button to switch between the shooting modes.  The function button is located right below the joystick; everything is placed in order and organized for your ease. You can easily switch between the shooting modes; panning, tilting and panning, self-timer mode, and lock mode—Shooting in different modes let you shoot the diversified footage with this gimbal. It can work up to 8 hours with a single charge—It also comes with a fast USB charging feature. The gimbal holds the camera firmly and mounting is quite easy and simple—It has two screws that hold the bracket and shooting becomes super exciting.  Before shooting, download the app (connect via Bluetooth) and start controlling other functions via a smartphone app.  This gimbal is quite easy to use, offers you a variety of features and benefits. It needs no calibration—Its motors produce very little noise—the best advantage you can have over other gimbals. Also, you can shoot in the rainy weather, near lakes or beaches as well because it is waterproof.  Specifications · Embedded joystick · Shooting modes · 8 hours runtime on a single charge · Fast charging via USB · Compatible app for controlling functions · App connection via Bluetooth · Noiseless motors · Waterproof · Weight is 1 pound

5.  3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Looking for a best-featured gimbal for a GoPro camera? You can have all the features in a single gimbal. Now, you might be thinking, it will be costly. Nah? Well, here is a gimbal that can fulfill your entire requirement at a low price. With a stylish design, rubberized holding, you can firmly hold the gimbal to make your shoots more fascinating and enchanting. It is lightweight 1.4 (pounds) and portable—you can take it with you wherever you go.  Its flawless stabilization doesn’t ruin your footage with shaky and jerky movements—it will keep the shots smoother and stable.  The gimbal comes with a 30 degrees angle on the role motor that helps in focusing your target capture—It makes the shots snagging free—lets you catch the shots in four different modes.  The tilt, pan follow, all locked, and all follow modes play a vital role in the professional shooting. You can control its functions by various buttons, integrated on the gimbal—Its motor’s power can be controlled by a trigger button—It can create the best shots in seconds with smooth and perfect stabilization. Time-lapse videos have become easier and exciting with this gimbal. Its smart system never misses any single moment and captures the sharp details to add more value to it.  With a 3D inception mode, you can produce an incredible inception effect by rotating the pan to a complete 360 degrees. Well, when you want to shoot like a pro, you require additional accessories to make the footage perfect. This gimbal has multiple ¼ ports, to add external devices with this gimbal. It will not drain much battery. However, the battery lasts long, up to 12 hours with a single charge. You do not need to worry about the battery, it can be charged quickly as well. However, you can also charge your camera with this gimbal – It serves as a power bank as well. To stay updated about all the activities of a gimbal, download the app and connect it via Bluetooth—It tells you about the directions, shooting modes, and much more. You can customize the settings while shooting by a few clicks. This gimbal has been made splash-proof. Now you can shoot anywhere with ease near watery areas, lakes, rain, or beaches, you can capture anything, anywhere. If you are looking for the best GoPro gimbal at a good price, 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer is the best option. Specifications · Weight is 1.4 pounds · Flawless stabilization · 30 degrees angle on roll motor · Four shooting modes · Joystick · Time-lapse photography · 3D inception mode · Multiple ¼ ports · 12 hours runtime · Splashproof  

6. DJI Ronin-S

DJI Ronin-S DJI Ronin-S gimbal has a sleek metal shape; it has a solid body with ergonomic design for holding the gimbal firmly.  It is easy to use and manage—its handle is a bit heavy with a rubber coating for a firm grip—But it has a rectangular share rather than a cylindrical design. The gimbal is best for providing high quality and stabilized shots. It can support the cameras of 3.6 kg of weight with ease—it is suitable for GoPro cameras because they are smaller in size. With this gimbal, you can shoot in different modes and diversified features—it provides a complete suite of features for upgrading the quality of videos. This way, you can create fascinating and appealing videos like a professional videographer. Along with shooting features, it has a compatibility advantage. You can use it with various action cameras—it can work smoothly with a DSLR and other mirrorless cameras. You can capture the minor details with this gimbal. You can work up to 12 hours on this gimbal if it is fully charged. It usually takes 2.5 hours to charge using a USB-C. It is bulky and weighs 4.08 pounds. It may be hard for you to shoot videos for a long time. However, it is easy to manage and provides the best results – but I consider its heavyweight a drawback. It never misses any single shot, no matter what you are doing; riding, traveling, running, or doing anything else. It will catch all the moments in its Sports mode. Specifications · Ergonomic design · Supports 3.6 kg of weight  · Different shooting modes · Compatible with many professional cameras · Works up to 12 hours · 4.08 pounds in weight · Smooth track technology

7.  Hohem GoPro Gimbal

Hohem GoPro Gimbal Hohem GoPro gimbal is best for many reasons. It offers the stabilization to make the shoots smoother and finer—its ergonomic design makes the adjustment and shooting easy. It has certain advanced features to help you make professional and creative videos. The gimbal comes with 4 different shooting modes—pan and tilt, pan follows, all locked, all follow. The time-lapse photography offers various features to make the videos professional and fascinating. You can add more value to your shoots by these features. This gimbal is easy to manage and portable. However, its motors are not noisy and you can shoot easily without disturbance. For controlling the gimbal, you can use the app, joystick, and various buttons.  All these controlling methods offer different functionalities—its App keeps you updated about the battery, current shooting modes, joystick direction, and various other features—you can adjust various settings from the app conveniently. You can re-center the motor to its initial position by double-tapping the trigger button. It makes the shooting easier by various features, updates, and customization options. A combination of this gimbal with a GoPro camera is outstanding. Nevertheless, you can also use some other action cameras such as DJI Osmo Action, for GoPro Hero 7/Hero6/Hero5/Hero4/Hero3, YI4K, RX0 I/II, and most similar size cameras. This gimbal offers two-way charging—you can charge your camera with this gimbal. On the other hand, this gimbal can work up to 12 hours after full charging.  The inception mode helps you rotate the camera by 360 degrees vertically to capture the dynamic shots. This gimbal is splash-proof and dust-proof – so you can shoot anywhere you want.  However, its motor seems less responsive while shooting quick action videos. Specifications · Ergonomic design · 4 shooting modes · Noiseless motors · Embedded joystick · Trigger button · Compatible app · Compatible with various action cameras · Weight is 1.45 pounds · Inception mode · 12 hours long battery

8.  GoPro Karma Grip for GoPro

This GoPro gimbal is best for taking the perfect shots with a Karma Grip—It has all the features required to make professional and cinematic footage. It provides a strong and firm grip, you can hold it for a long time —The gimbal weighs just 1.1 pounds—it will not hurt your hand because of its less weight. The gimbal offers the perfect stabilization and you can shoot videos while riding, running, hiking, or whatever the move is – it never misses any moment. You can also add accessories with this gimbal to shoot like a professional—it has different shooting modes. For control, it has a joystick and specific buttons for specific purposes. You can use different types of cameras for shooting—and easily control the functions by various means to make the footage perfect. However, it can work up to 2 to 3 hours when completely charged up. So, you cannot shoot for a long time.  You can use extra batteries to increase the battery timing of this gimbal—It would work for 2 hours if you are shooting 4k videos—The battery is the problem. Specifications · Ergonomic design · Marvelous stabilization · Weight is 1.1 pounds · Battery runtime: 2-3 hours · Different shooting modes · Joystick

9.  Removu S1 Rainproof

Removu S1 Rainproof Removu S1 gimbal has a solid body of aluminum—It offers great stabilization for perfect and smoother shots.  As its name depicts, it is waterproof and can be used for shooting in rain, near lakes or beaches—You can shoot in moist and humid areas without worrying about the gimbal. It has a remote joystick—you can control various functions of a gimbal from a distance—This invention is incredible and you can customize your shooting experience with a wireless joystick.  You do not need to remove the GoPro to change the shooting angles. It has a removable battery and a charger of this gimbal can charge 2 batteries—A single battery can work up to 3 to 5 hours. However, you can keep a fully charged extra battery for later use. This GoPro gimbal has different shooting modes for shooting—It has a LED screen that keeps you updated about various statuses like a battery, mode you are shooting in, and so on. It is compatible with many cameras. Nevertheless, it is the best gimbal for shooting stabilized and smooth videos. But its motors are noisy and produce annoying noise. It is not very bulky, weighs 1.54 pounds. You can take it with you, where your passion leads you. Specifications · Solid aluminum body · Waterproof · Remote joystick · Removable battery · Battery runtime: 2 to 3 hours · LED screen · 1.54 pounds in weight · Portable

What is a GoPro camera?

GoPro is an action camera. It is a small and compact device used for taking high-quality shots—It has gained a lot of popularity among athletes, adventurers, and other common users because of its features, functionality, and performance. GoPro cameras possess an image sensor, wide angles lenses, processors, and microphones for recording audio along with the video.  The combination of the best gimbal and a GoPro camera enhances the quality of the images—Gimbal lets you shoot through different angles, implement and use different features, and do much more with your videos to upgrade the quality! Here are some of the key features you need to know about the GoPro camera.


GoPro is a compact camera and has an ultra-wide-angle lens that catches wide-angle images in a small frame with sharp details. Its lens provides incredible images with high resolution.  They can be used as a standalone camera but it has an app, compatible with both android and apple. So, shooting becomes more convenient this way.  Its software is matchless and you will not experience such features and ease in other devices.


GoPro camera takes less space than others. It is small enough to be attached to almost all gimbals. It can be mounted easily with a drone, bikes, aerials, and many other things with ease. The mounting does not require much effort – the DIY approach suits perfect here.


GoPro camera is good for shooting high-quality images with ease, using classic features. These cameras are great for POV recordings and hands-free – but they cannot replace other cameras.  Unlike DSLR and other cameras—they capture more light to make the image brighter and clear, it does not provide the quality up to that extent. Some of the cameras can shoot in darker areas or less light. Nevertheless, it is a good camera for multiple reasons, but it cannot replace the high graded cameras.


GoPro camera provides control over several functionalities like exposure compensation, meter type, shutter speed, and ISO setting – but adjusting and controlling these features is a bit tricky and somewhat annoying.

What you should consider (factors) before purchasing GoPro gimbals?

A good gimbal offers several facilities to the users regarding compatibility, battery timing, and so on. Here are the details… 1.  Compatibility While buying the GoPro gimbal, this is the foremost factor you need to consider because it would be worthless to buy a gimbal if it is not compatible with your GoPro camera.  Sometimes, gimbals are not compatible and work in a specific range and you require buying an adapter or mounting for different camera versions. So, make sure you get a gimbal compatible with your GoPro camera. 2.  Calibration It is another main factor you need to consider while purchasing a gimbal for GoPro Camera. Some gimbals have a manual calibration while others are plug and play. So, if you are a newbie, it is better to have a plug and play gimbal. It depends on your expertise in videography and experience of using different accessories needed for shooting. 3.  Weight Weight is one of the most important factors you should consider before buying a gimbal—Let suppose, you have got a bulky gimbal, then it will badly affect your shooting. You would get tired of lifting heavy gimbals and you may not be able to capture the good shots, especially if you have to hold it for long hours. So, always look for a lightweight and easy to carry gimbal. 4.  Battery life Do you want to get stuck in the middle of your shoot for running out of battery? Well, your answer must be NO—it’s quite natural. Nobody wants to get annoyed or frustrated because of the battery, especially in the middle of shooting.  Always look for a GoPro gimbal that offers at least 5 to 6 hours of battery. You can also use the additional battery to extend the timings, always choose wisely. You will not have to worry about running out of battery or frequent charging. 5.  Waterproof We all love nature; chirping birds, rustling leaves, flowing lakes, etc. You might love capturing the beautiful shots near enchanting sceneries. So, a gimbal is always the first equipment you need to take with you for stabilized and smooth shots. Gimbals should be waterproof/splash-proof for capturing the shots near watery or moist places.  You can even shoot in the rain with waterproof gimbals along with enjoying the weather. 6.  Wireless connectivity Connectivity is the main factor and most convenient as well. A gimbal with wireless connectivity serves you in many ways. You can control the gimbal from a distance if it’s connected with your devices via Bluetooth.  With an app, you will stay updated about the current statuses like a battery, shooting mode, and so on. 7.  Price We always look for high values at an affordable price—Choose a gimbal that offers good features at affordable prices. You can consider the above factors and make sure it is within your purchasing range.  It helps you shortlist the gimbals according to your requirements and prices. 


As you read our best GoPro gimbal reviews—We tested more than 22 Gimbals and not all companies are providing the value in your money. So, You can surely consider these products legit by trusting our detailed analysis. Are we missing any best Gimbals in this list? Let us know in the comments…

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