Feiyu Tech G5 Review

Are you frustrated for having the unstabilized shots? even with the best camera or smartphone? 

Don’t worry! The solution is having a supporting device called Gimbal.

We tested this gimbal in detail and here’s our in-depth Feiyu Tech G5 review… 

Feiyu Tech G5 Design 

Feiyu tech G5 comes with an elegant design and aluminum alloy construction—Aluminum alloy & plastic body makes it more attractive than other gimbals.

It has a cylindrical shape (without ergonomic design)—Holding it for long-hours is easy because of its good dimensions.

Also, there are certain buttons and a joystick, on its frame (body)—You can easily control the gimbal with these buttons and joystick.


Feiyu Tech G5 is specifically designed for action cameras—It works smoothly with Hero 3/3+/4/5/6, Xiaomi Yi 4K/4K+, AEE, SJCam, and other similar-sized action cameras.

It can support cameras of around 120G weight—Its mounting plates can hold cameras that are less than 44.7mm tall. 

So, it’s important to consider your device dimensions before buying this gimbal.


The mounting of the camera on this gimbal was not easy for us and you are going to need a counterweight for good balancing.

It comes with its counterweight that can capture quality smooth shots during the movements as well.

Shooting modes 

Feiyu Tech G5 comes with perfect shooting features—The best part is its different shooting modes. 

You can easily switch and choose from these shooting modes.

· All-follow – it minimizes the camera shake and follows the movement in the pan and tilt axis. 

· Pan-follow – it keeps the tilt axis locked and follows the pan movements (left and right). 

· Locked – it locks the tilt, pan, and roll axis. You can use it when you want to keep orientation locked. 


Here’s how Feiyu G5 quickly switches between its modes…

You can use a multifunctional button to change the modes. By single-tap, gimbal activates the Lock mode. A double-tap immediately activates the Follow modeTriple taps rotate the camera by 180 degrees and quadruple tap resets the camera. 

Feiyu Tech G5 gimbal offers the “selfies-mode” as well. This mode rotates the camera about 180 degrees—it is quite amazing if you want a quick camera observation before moving to the POV shot. This feature of Feiyu G5 makes it unique from other gimbals. 

The only problem with this gimbal is its leveling—It sometimes ruins the footage especially when you are using it with action cameras. In short, shooting videos with bulky cameras don’t go well for me.



Battery timing of Feiyu Tech G5 gimbal is up to 8 hours, on a single charge. You do not need to charge it frequently to continue your shooting session. Best of all, the battery is removable. So you can keep alternative batteries with you as well. 

The gimbal does not take much time for charging—You can also charge your camera with the help of this gimbal. This two-way charging saves time and it is convenient for its users as well. 


Splash proof 

Feiyu Tech G5 gimbal is splash-proof and you can freely capture shots near water while traveling or enjoying at your favorite beach. I didn’t face any issues with its splash-proof feature.

Well, Feiyu G5 gimbal and GoPro camera are a perfect combination. The best part is that both are splash-proof and best for shooting high-quality footages near water as well.


Have a complete control via app! 

You can easily control the G5 gimbal by various means; various buttons, 4-way joystick, and official app. The app is a great addition to the gimbal’s features. It lets you control most of the functionalities via your smartphone, even if you are at some distance. 

Also, it comes with ¼ screw ports in the middle of the G’s handle. With the help of these ports, you add accessories to enhance your footage quality. It is compatible with many devices—You can enhance the photography and videography quality by using extra accessories. 



· Cylindrical, upgraded uni body arm 

· Firm hand grip 

· 4-way joystick with different buttons 

· Different shooting modes

· Compatible with many action cameras 

· Supports cameras with 120g of weight 

· Removable battery with fast charging USB-C Type cable

· Battery life up to 8 hours on a single charge 

· Splash proof or waterproof 

· Two ¼ inches screw ports for accessories 

After the specifications, you must know the Pros and Cons of G5. So you can decide whether it can fulfill your requirements or not. 



· Splashproof 

· Removable battery 

· Built-in App 

· Selfie-mode

· Two-way charging 



· Requires counterweight for balancing heavy cameras 

· Leveling issues ruin footage sometimes


 Factors you should consider before buying a gimbal 

Feiyu Tech G5 review ends here and I want to show you some factors/features that you should consider while buying any gimbal for yourself.

1. 3-axis stabilization 

In the past, most gimbals had 3-axis stabilization that stabilizes the tilt and roll axis because of the normal stabilization feature failures.

This feature stabilizes the tilt, pan, and roll axis for helping you in capturing the smooth and dynamic moving shots.

2. Construction quality and stuff

The design matters—An elegant and decent gimbal will attract you. But you need to make sure it is built of high-quality material.

Low priced and mediocre gimbals usually have a plastic body—They are not durable and long-lasting. Metal body or aluminum construction gives the gimbal a premium look and doesn’t break easily.

Also, you can consider the gimbal’s ability to mount extra accessories (for shooting). Joysticks and buttons add more value to it. And it will be convenient for you to manage, adjust, and switch between different modes. 

3. Weight 

It is another factor you need to consider before purchasing a gimbal. A heavy gimbal would be hard to manage—You can’t shoot for long hours using a bulky gimbal. So, it is better to have a gimbal with lightweight and superior qualities. 

4. Software 

Almost all the gimbals come with a built-in app. These apps let you control various functions with a smartphone. The gimbal you are going to buy will have an app; make sure it’s compatible with your device and supports both Android and iOS.

You can control functions; shutter speed, white balance, exposure, aperture, ISO, focus, etc. 

5. Compatibility with camera 

If you are going to buy a gimbal for your camera, then you have to check for its compatibility. You can also consider the weight and dimensions of the camera. Also, gimbal’s capability to support different cameras. 

6. Battery timing 

You should also consider the battery timing of gimbal before buying it. The average battery timing a gimbal can offer is 5-8 hours. Additionally, most of the gimbals have the facility to remove batteries so you can replace it. Two-way charging is another great feature most gimbals offer. They can charge up your cameras while shooting. 



Feiyu Tech G5 gimbal is great, no doubt. It has all the features that professional/amateur videographers or photographers may want. You will have stabilized shots with a fine detailed image. But, this gimbal does not always work well with all action cameras. Its performance may vary with the camera you are using.

This gimbal is splash-proof, has a removable battery, offers two-ways charging, and much more…! It is matchless when it comes to stabilized and smooth shots. 

My overall experience of using this gimbal was good. Let us know your feedback, what are your thoughts about it?

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