Removu S1 Review

I tried S1 gimbal for 2 weeks and here’s my in-depth Removu s1 review. It’s surely going to help you in making the right decision about this product.

When it comes to the gimbal, it should be good enough to provide you with stable shots, and smooth footage with other necessary features (required to enhance the visuals quality). So, here is Removu S1 for you! 

Removu S1

It is a 3-axis stabilized gimbal that lets you take the high graded footage with your GoPro and other action cameras. This gimbal comes with a Karma Grip and it provides you with the quality results and advanced features.

It has certain features and modes for shooting – to enhance the visuals quality for you. 

Display and design 

The Removu S1 has a solid frame (made of aluminum) and a comfortable handgrip in a slightly square shape with smooth lining texture—Enables you shooting for hours.

It also includes a control system on the handgrip for mode switching. Along with this, it has an LCD screen that will keep you updated about the current status (battery, modes, or other features). 

Removu S1 is a little bit heavier than other gimbals (1.54 pounds) because of the stabilization motors and other controlling components embedded in it. 

The gimbal can pair with the GoPro hero 4 and hero5 and some other action cameras (I’ve discussed below). You can easily mount your camera on it—the mounting with Removu S1 is quite simple and firm. 


Removu S1 gives us the freedom of shooting anywhere with its waterproof feature. You can easily shoot near beaches, lakes, in rain, or any moist area to capture the precious moments in a frame. It will not get damaged because of its “waterproof design”. 

As you may already know, the GoPro camera is waterproof too. So, Removu S1 makes a good combination with GoPro for capturing the sensitive moments.


When it comes to performance, Removu S1 is matchless. I am amazed by its stabilization because it offers you incredibly smooth and good shots. It makes a perfect pair with a GoPro camera. 

You can capture the shots in 3 different modes. However, some of the gimbals offer more than 3 modes—Still, you can get the perfect shots with only 3 shooting modes. 

Also, you need to keep in mind the weight of your GoPro camera as well. The Removu S1 can support the cameras weighing up to 0.3 pounds. 

Some people say they could add heavier cameras (up to 0.5 pounds) but I never tried this. You may need to add a counterweight for the heavy cameras. 

Battery life 

Once Removu S1 gimbal is fully charged, it can work up to 3 to 5 hours. On average, its battery timing is 3 hours. However, I am not satisfied with the battery timing because I needed to charge it frequently.

You can choose to charge it after every 3-5 hours or carry a power bank with you. But sometimes it gets annoying. For this, you can buy additional batteries and keep it with you for an emergency. (You have to buy them separately; it’s not included in the package)

By the way, Removu S1 also depends on the usage of a gimbal and the model of GoPro you’re using. If you are creating footage on a smoother and less bumpy surface then it will consume less power. 

I noticed that if you’re shooting while climbing a mountain, or doing any other adventurous activity, then it would get heavy jerks and consume more power. 


Removu S1 Gimbal features 3 buttons for different functionalities; pairing, modes, and power. You can control various features via joystick and buttons too. 

Some of the modes are here: 

Pan mode – the camera can pan left and right while other modes are fixed

Follow mode – roll remains fixed while the camera can pan left and right, and tilt up and down. 

Lock mode – the camera stays in the position while the tilt and pan are locked 

For changing the modes you just need to simply click on an M button (located on the grip of the gimbal). 

A wireless control 

With the Removu S1, you get the facility of wireless control. You don’t need to alter anything physically—Grab the remote control and choose how you want to shoot with S1. 

The wireless remote control has an embedded joystick, you can easily shift the modes and control other features via clicking from a distance. The remote control stays connected via Bluetooth and remains strong all the time (within the range).

The remote control of this gimbal has its battery—It can last up to 5 hours when fully charged, which is quite amazing. 

The rest of the functions can be controlled by a joystick and you can check the status of shooting modes and battery on the LCD screen. It is always the best invention—you stay updated and know what to do next.  


Well, compatibility is now more than necessary! It is worthless to have a device that is not compatible. Like there are some mobile phones—you can’t download some apps on it. It seems annoying. 

So, make sure your camera is compatible with Removu S1. However, this gimbal is specifically made for GoPro action cameras but you still need to check which action camera you own, is it compatible with S1 or not. 

You can connect the GoPro HERO 3/3+/4/5/6/7, the Session Cube, and most likely any future GoPro action cameras as well. 

After this Removu S1 review, I hope you would be familiar with the S1 and you can easily make a decision about it. Here is a quick view of its specifications…


  • 3-axis stabilization 
  • Rainproof design 
  • Aluminum solid frame 
  • Wireless control 
  • Four shooting modes 
  • 3 to 5 hours of battery timing 
  • Compatible with certain GoPro action cameras 
  • Supports weight up to 0.3 pounds 


  • Wireless remote control 
  • Waterproof solid design 
  • An array of GoPro mounts 
  • Steady and stabilized shots 


  • Lil bit noisy motors 
  • Less battery timing 
  • Slow performance in follow mode 


Well, overall the Removu S1 gimbal offers high-quality visuals and perfect stabilization. If you are looking for a good gimbal for your GoPro action cameras—ordering Removu S1 could be the best decision. You can also shoot in the rain or near moist places because of its solid rainproof design. 

Removu S1 protective body keeps the gimbal safe from rust and other kinds of damages. However, you may not be satisfied with the battery timing it offers but it surely comes with high visual quality.

So, my overall experience of using this gimbal was great. How about you? Let me know in the comments below…

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