Our Zhiyun Crane V2 Review (Outstanding Gimbal)

I used it for 2 weeks on multiple occasions and Here is my in-depth Zhiyun Crane V2 Review…

I would say it is one of the best gimbals made for DSLR and mirrorless cameras—The 3-axis stabilization of this gimbal provides amazing stabilization for perfect and smooth shots. 

And what else do we want as a photographer/videographer? 

Do you know what makes it stand out in the crowd? 

It’s the reasonable price of Zhiyun Crane V2 with high-quality visuals. Let me tell you more about this gimbal in detail.

Display and design

The design of Zhuyun Crane V2 is simple and I could easily create footage with it because of its firm and smooth handgrip. Also, it offers you the facility of modes shifting and controlling other features with joysticks.

It feels super light and it’s quite easy to take wherever you go—I took it to different locations (hikes, beaches, and many others)

I used to shoot for even 5-8 hours a day (when the workload was high). But zhiyun crane V2 never disappointed me, I could shoot for a long time with ease. 

Its portability has given great advantage to amateur and professional videographers or photographers. You can shoot for a long time, using this gimbal. 

The Zhiyun crane V2 weighs 5.63 pounds and 14.09 x 12.28 x 4.09 inches in dimensions. Well, as compared to other DSLR and mirrorless camera gimbals—I found it lightweight and excellent in its performance. 

And I’m sure; you’d feel the same about it—because of its portability and stabilization.

However, you should keep in mind that Zhiyun crane V2 can support cameras weighing up to 1.2 kgs. So, if your camera is around this figure, you are good to go with it.


As I have mentioned above, the Zhiyun Crane V2 has a 3-axis stabilization. So, it can rotate about 360 degrees to have the stabilized and smooth footage from all angles. 

Also, the 5-way joystick offers you the facility to switch between the shooting modes quickly—You can adjust the features while shooting.

I was amazed by the responsiveness of this gimbal’s controlling points (joystick). It immediately works within nanoseconds. As I am a nature photographer, I like to capture the larger frames and wide-angle shots. And it always helped me capture—exactly what I want. 

So, its 360 degrees rotation makes it happen as per my needs. You can enjoy multiple shooting features using the Zhiyun Crane V2; positive grip, upright shooting, low angle, high flight photography.

Also, the built-in app is another good advancement that lets you control various features from your smartphone. I find it very convenient. I use to control many features from my smartphone (connected with Bluetooth; within a specified range).

Perfect for all users

No matter what your profession is and which stage you are on! It is best for everyone. From entry-level users to professionals, all can enjoy the best photography experience with it. It offers high-graded visuals quality.

Zhiyun Crane V2 is for photographer and videographer from all niches— It is suitable for all occasions. The different shooting features make the visuals more appealing. You don’t have to be an expert for the perfect shot; all you need is the Zhiyun Crane V2!

Its tool-less adjustments make the mounting easy and convenient. You can fix your camera in minutes and get ready for the perfect and stabilized shot. Also, you can pair other shooting accessories with it i.e. tripod or any other device for shooting purposes.

Battery timing

Well, it is the most common and important feature that most of us are concerned about. And it is necessary because frequent charging is annoying. And we don’t want to disturb our shooting session.

But when it comes to the Zhiyun gimbals—they are often worth buying. No matter which device you want to use with it i.e. DSLR, GoPro camera, or any other smartphone. It always provides high-quality results and best stabilization for smooth shots.

The Zhiyun Crane V2 has provided extraordinary results to the DSLR users. Apart from other features, it provides good battery timing—that lets you shoot for a long time.

You can spend hours on creating the smooth footage. With a full charging, you can use Zhiyun Crane V2 for 6-12 hours (depending upon the use). However, it supports two kinds of batteries, you can buy them easily. They are available in the market. 

Zhiyun Crane V2 Specifications

Here is a quick review of the specifications of this gimbal. Have a look for more understanding!

  • Lightweight and portable – can be carried around easily (5.69 pounds in weight)
  • Elegant and simple design – solid and firm grip
  • Joystick – single point for controlling, no extra buttons
  • Battery life – can be used for up to 12 hours on a single charge
  • 3-axis stabilization – perfect stabilization for smooth shots
  • 360 degrees rotation – capture the wide and broader footage
  • Suitable for all – beginners, amateur, or professionals
  • Payload – it can support 0.35 to 1.2kg of cameras
  • Compatible app – connect via Bluetooth to control various actions while shooting
  • Compatible with various DSLR & mirrorless cameras – Sony A7 series, Canon M series, Panasonic LUMIX Series, Nikon J series, etc
  • ¼ inches mounting holes – you can connect tripod for enhancing the quality of visuals

Well, these were specifications of the Zhiyun Crane V2. And I’d say it is one of the best gimbals for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. There are many other great gimbals available, but it would be the best one within this price range.

Nothing is perfect in this world, but you can say Zhiyun Crane V2 is nearly perfect (within this price range). Although you need to know the Pros and Cons of this to make a better decision.


  • Battery life
  • Quick set up and mounting
  • Built-in app
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Affordability


  • Doesn’t work with heavy and bigger cameras

Factors to consider before buying a gimbal

Apart from this, if you are a videographer or photographer, you may always be looking for good gimbals (for various devices as well – if you are a professional).

But you want the best within an affordable price range, right? Or, if you are paying a high amount, you want to make sure it is worth buying.

Therefore, for making this decision easiest for you, we are providing you with a buying guide. You can understand better which gimbal is most suitable for you (and for which reasons; specification, features).

1. 3-axis stabilization

Stabilization is the first factor you need to consider before buying a gimbal (for any device). Gimbal with 3-axis stabilization like Zhiyun Crane V2 offers perfect and smooth shots. It can be 4x timed better than the 2-axis stabilization gimbal.

However, 2-axis gimbals are very rare now, and people prefer 3-axis over this one.

So, if you want to have better and more stabilized shots, then it is better to have 3-axis stabilization.

2. Portability

Another thing that is necessary for you to know is portability. It is one of the common and most important factors for the gimbals.

Any level of photographer and videographer would take the gimbal with themselves, so it should be light in weight for ease. It is better to look for a lightweight, smaller, and easy-to-use gimbal. I would say Zhiyun Crane V2 wins at portability as well.

3. Compatibility

The next thing, you need to consider before buying a gimbal is its COMPATIBILITY with devices. And the app’s compatibility with your smartphone.

Sometimes, most of the gimbals are not compatible with the devices (you are buying for). Sometimes, their software is not compatible with. So it is necessary to look for the compatibility of the gimbal with your devices. 

4. Payload

When buying a gimbal, for your camera or smartphone, you should see the load capacity (a gimbal can bear). Sometimes, the gimbals are compatible with the device but cannot support the heavyweight devices. 

So, it is another main factor you need to consider before purchasing a gimbal. For Example, Zhiyun Crane V2 can hold cameras that weigh up to 1.2 KG

5. Battery life

The battery is another factor you need to consider. Different gimbals offer different battery timings. But the gimbal with more battery timing is better. 

On average, the gimbal offers about 8-12 hours of battery timing. So, consider the one with more battery life – for shooting for long hours. Zhiyun Crane V2 offers you the best battery time as well.

6. Shooting modes

Mostly gimbals offer the shooting modes and other features that can enhance the quality of visuals and your creatives. 

There are mostly 3 shooting modes. Also, they offer other shooting features like panorama and other kinds of features. 

7. Controlling

The joystick is the most convenient thing to manage the gimbal.

It is better to have a gimbal with the joystick and other controlling buttons like Zhiyun Crane V2. Gimbals also provide you with the facility to connect the gimbal with your smartphone. And you can easily control various features with the help of your smartphone. 


After this detailed Zhiyun Crane V2 review, you must be familiar with this gimbal. This masterpiece is the best investment for all levels of photographers and videographers. 

My experience so far, with this gimbal, is outstanding. Let me know about your experience in the comments below?

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